So, where do you want to go?

We embark on a journey that takes you to your destination.

What does the Coach do?

  • The Coach drives the carriage.
  • You decide where do you want to end up and the Coach will take you there.

How does the Coach do that?

  • By listening to your problem
  • By focusing on your goal with you
  • By offering you the time and space to find your strengths
  • By believing in you and looking towards the solution
  • By setting an plan to reach a goal, and not letting you quit
  • By celebrating success with you

What do we bring to the table?

Warmth, light, understanding, appreciation, trust and respect.


If you have a problem – I just might have a solution

My Know-How

  • HR Management
  • Labor Law Specialization
  • Team Development
  • Key Players Retention
  • Motivation
  • Performance Management
  • Comp & Ben Systems
  • Change Management’
  • Integration Management
  • Psychology
  • Trainer
  • Teacher  

My Experience

  • 20 years – HR Management
  • Large scale – 5.800 employees
  • Complexity – 4 Production Factories, R&D, Business Admin, Shared Service Center HR Management
  • Project Manager for EMEA projects :
    • Leadership Principles Guide
    • Core Competency Model
  • Leadership Trainer for Managers
  • 16 years leading a Team of 25 people
  • Trust – my team has chosen to stay by my side for an average of 11 years/person

Training & Facilitating


  • Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Growth Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Well-being
  • Communication
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Integration Management

Facilitating Workshops

  • Success Analysis – because we learn from our successes just as much as we learn from our failures
  • Goal Alignment
  • Brainstorming
  • New Concept Introduction and Buy-in
  • Team Development
  • Team Integration
  • Cultural Awareness for Multinational Teams
  • Process Mapping for Lean Management


HR Processes:

  • Search & Selection, Compensations & Benefits
  • Training & Development 

Labor Law:

  • Trade Union Negotiation, Collective Bargaining Contracts
  • Disciplinary Processes
  • Collective Dismissal Procedures

Lean Management in HR:

  • Mapping current HR processes
  • Identifying non-value-added activities
  • Developing solutions for Lean Processes

Automotive Compliance for HR Processes:

  • Audit of the actual process
  • Support for compliance with ISO TS Management System